A Fresh Solution To Web Design

Miss Barbell Productions are a UK Midlands based company, providing web site design & development with a growing number of clients. Although a small team, we have been designing and developing web sites since 1998, having a background in traditional commercial programming roles and amassing professional experience since 1985.

Our flagship product, Labyrinth, is an extensive web site management system, incorporating it's own CMS and workflow features, written for the proven web environment using the LAMP technologies of Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl. Utilising a website in a box framework, we have successfully provided several deployments to small businesses and organisations.

Several of our founding projects include band and music related web sites, together with our interest in Open Source providing support for the Birmingham Perl Mongers, including the design and development of their web site, the 2006 YAPC::Europe Perl conference web and wiki sites and the CPAN Testers family of websites.

Miss Barbell Productions can also provide web hosting, domain registration & DNS administration services, details available upon request.