Web sites vary in content, style, page quantity and timeliness. Our aim is to provide the most suitable opportunity for your specific requirements. Please note the that prices provided below are only a guide and following an analysis of your requirements, we will provide a quote that is appropriate for your needs and budget. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

Labyrinth Installations

Dynamic content drives many modern large scale web sites, such as news and media sites, where content is updated on a daily, weekly or at least on a frequent basis. These kind of sites often require interactive logins for administrators and/or users to use and update the site.

Labyrinth was designed specifically to manage web site content further than simply providing a CMS (Content Management System). Workflow, user management and content management all feature within the product framework.

While Labyrinth provides the core Perl code to implement your web site, the templates and CSS layout are tailored to your corporate branding.

Sites using the Labyrinth framework are priced depending upon their requirement for plugin features (we can provide a standard set, but are also able to provide additional plugins that implement features specific to your needs), and the amount of design and development effort required.

Below are a list of prices based on the usual complexity of requirements:

  • Basic Labyrinth with minimal plugins: £1,000 - £5,000
  • Basic Labyrinth with some tailored plugins: £3,000 - £10,000
  • Extended Labyrinth with tailored plugins: £10,000 - £50,000
  • Extended Labyrinth with full functionality: £20,000 - £100,000

Basic Labyrinth features the core code, together with a simple set of templates and CSS layout files. Extended Labyrinth features the core code, together with an extensive set of templates CSS layout, JavaScript and images files.


So what are plugins? When we install a Labyrinth based site, the core code can be provisioned with a small set of plugins or "features". Below are the traditional set of plugins available:

  • Articles - the content publishing system [Standard]
  • News - provides various news features [Standard - Optional]
  • Events - meetings/gigs/conferences [Standard - Optional]
  • Photo Gallery [Standard - Optional]
  • Links [Standard - Optional]
  • Newsletters [Standard - Optional]
  • Guestbook [Standard - Optional]

Although these plugins are available as part of a standard installation, the following further plugins are also available should your site find them applicable:

  • Diary / Blog
  • Reviews
  • Forums
  • Discography
  • Lyrics
  • Google Map
  • Product Line
  • Wiki

Some sites may require more specific plugins that are tailored to your own needs.

Ad-hoc Dynamic Installations

Some web sites need more than the basic HTML static website, perhaps to provide random images or textual content. While they may not require the extensive implementation of Labyrinth, Miss Barbell Productions can provide tailored Perl scripts to provide extended capability to your web site.

Below are a list of prices based on the usual complexity of requirements:

  • Single Perl script to provide standard functionality: £100 - £500
  • Multiple Perl scripts to provide standard functionality: £200 - £1,000
  • Tailored Perl scripts: £500 - £5,000

Static Installations

Static web sites use "flat" HTML files and provide no dynamic content. Dynamic content can be implied using JavaScript, but largely are sites which change little, if at all, during their lifetime. Typical sites are basic small company web sites, which update their content on a rare and infrequent basis.

Miss Barbell Productions can provide a web site tailored to your needs, with just a small set of HTML pages. If you require any more than 20 pages for your site, then we would recommend that you investigate the use of a CMS (such as Labyrinth) to better present your site.

Below are a list of prices based on the usual complexity of requirements:

  • Plain Text based pages: £50 - £200 per page
  • Web Graphics: £50+ per image (dependant on requirements)
  • Photo Graphics: £50 per photo (dependant on requirements)
  • JavaScript: £100 - £500
  • Perl scripts: see above for Ad-hoc Dynamic Installations

For small businesses or non-profit organisations, we can provide you with a basic web site of 5 pages for £1,000. For local bands, clubs and societies, we offer a discount startup rate of a basic web site with up to 5 pages for £500.

Additional Services

Administration & Support services are charged at a basic rate of £100 per hour for small to medium installations. For large scale deployments support services will be provided at an agreed rate, from delivery of your website. All support contracts may be reviewed, and if appropriate revised, on a yearly basis.

Miss Barbell Productions can provide hosting for your web site. Costs for hosting depend largely on your web space and bandwidth requirements. Once we have evaluated your needs and expectations for site usage, we will provide you a price per month or per year.

Miss Barbell Productions can provide web hosting, domain registration & DNS administration services, details available upon request.